A worker’s perspective on the Oculus and PATH Hall at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Over the last six years, our project team of 5,000 workers has logged more than 600,000 hours to complete the Oculus World Trade Center transportation hub, which opened March 3 in downtown Manhattan. We are so grateful to everyone who worked around the clock, seven days a week for their hard work and dedication to complete an iconic new structure connecting 11 subway lines, PATH rail system, Battery Park Ferry Terminal, the WTC memorial, WTC Towers 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as the World Financial Center and Fulton Transit Center.

Watch to hear more from the team who built the Oculus and PATH Hall.

Here’s a perspective on the project from the people who built it, in their own words:

Paul (1)


“What Grand Central is to midtown, the Oculus is to downtown. It’s in the heart of the Financial District and will connect all the downtown workers to the rest of the tristate area.”

—Paul Orso, Senior Engineer


“The Oculus was a tough job to work on, but the challenges are what made it great. My family worked on the original Twin Towers so I was proud to be part of the next generation of construction workers building at the World Trade Center.”

—Steven A. Koch, Project Manager


“Downtown Manhattan was strictly business. Now it is becoming more residential and tourist focused. The World Trade Center is becoming a more central point and tying everything together adds to the area’s rejuvenation.”

—Steven Rosen, Office Engineer



“The Oculus is special to me because I worked at the World Trade Center doing the clean up after the towers dropped. I’m proud I was able to be part of rebuilding and bringing it back up.”

—Jimmy Beckett, Iron Worker


“I am so proud I had a part in building the Oculus. I always tell the team they should be proud of the project, their kids will be proud of it, and their family and friends will be proud of it.”

—Bobby Fennell, Iron Worker



“For a lot of the people that live in New York City, especially that were hit so hard by the tragedy that happened on 9/11, it’s great to see that New York City has come together to build something new here. To me this project says, ‘you could hurt us as much as you want but we’re gonna come back stronger than last time.”

— Hayden Weschler, Assistant Superintendent

Ryan Hirce


“I think a lot of people didn’t know what we were building at the World Trade Center because they couldn’t see, but as it’s opening up now, they’re saying, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’”

— Ryan Hirce, Superintendent

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