Becoming better leaders

We asked some of our team members what leadership lesson they learned in 2013. We might all learn something from their responses:

“Driving innovative, uncharted paths can be difficult and met with resistance.  Know when to pull back and regroup, and when to push forward.”


Katie Coulson
Senior project manager
Portland, Ore.

“Leadership isn’t about a title or what role you may play within a team. A leader is any team member who motivates and pushes their team towards excellence. That’s easier to do when you have a strong team. However, true leaders are able to get the most out of team members of any level to enhance the overall performance.”


Blake Boyd
Assistant project manager
Rockville, Md.

“You have to listen in order to lead. That means doing more listening than speaking. Having an open line of communication enhances confidence and promotes growth within the team, both on project and personal levels.”

Geraldo Iniguez

Geraldo Iniguez
Project Manager
Riverside, Calif.

“Leadership is a cycle in which current leaders develop future leaders by enabling those on their teams to take on more responsibility. I’ve benefitted from that cycle, and as I advance in my career at Skanska I have an obligation to help others increase their abilities to lead too.”

Thomas March

Thomas March
Project engineer
Washington, D.C.

“I learned the importance of getting ‘buy-in’ from your team. Team members respond well when they understand how their work fits into the success of the project as a whole, and know their work is valued and appreciated.”

Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis
Project engineer II
Virginia Beach, Va.

Skanska USA

Skanska USA

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