Diversity Comes in Many Forms

Today marks the start of Skanska USA’s annual “Diversity & Inclusion Week” (Oct 17-21) when we celebrate the valuable differences and perspectives of our employees that makes us a stronger company. As part of the week, we also take time to recognize our business partners that help us be a part of creating stronger communities in the areas of the country where we work.

This year’s D&I Week theme is “Find Your Why,” which focuses on exploring different ways that we can make our workplaces and communities more inclusive.


We have exceptional coworkers and business partners from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. When we have a diversity of perspectives, that’s when our creativity and ingenuity really get going and we’re able to offer our customers the best solutions.

Whether we’re working to acknowledge our own personal biases or mentoring the next generation of leaders, Skanska believes it is important for each of us to recognize how Diversity & Inclusion both inside and outside the workplace makes us stronger.

“We all have personal biases and they can be difficult to see past – if we see them at all,” says Mel Jones, national Director of Diversity & Inclusion. “Focusing on this issue helps us learn how to leverage our diversity to make smart decisions that can enhance and grow our company, including from a business perspective.”

As part of this week, Skanska will also launch the Community Giveback Challenge around the country. In local markets where we operate, our teams will be organizing service projects (like the ones pictured here), food and clothing drives and more to strengthen our communities.
















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Skanska USA

Skanska USA

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