In Airport World, how airports can maintain security during construction

Transportation security is increasingly a critical concern that contractors must help manage, as so many U.S. airports have renovation and expansion projects underway. Early planning is essential to this necessary element of airport building.

“Thinking about airport security must begin before stepping foot on the construction site, as parties look to address security concerns during pre-construction,” says Dwight Pullen, national director of Skanska USA’s Aviation Center of Excellence.


At Tampa International Airport, we are focused on helping maintain a secure environment and uninterrupted airport operations in our work expanding the main terminal.

In a recent Airport World article, Dwight shared his thoughts on how to ensure uninterrupted security during construction. This includes engaging and communicating with stakeholders to keep airport operations fully functional. As Dwight notes, “construction simply must not create vulnerabilities in an airport’s security system. Rather, contractors have to partner with owners to plan effectively, coordinating with the [Transportation Security Administration], airport operations and other stakeholders to maintain operability and be secure on all fronts, starting with the technology we use on the job site.”

You can read more on how to minimize risk and enable a secure environment during aviation construction on pages 43-44 of the October issue of Airport World:

Skanska USA

Skanska USA

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  • JamesCarrell February 23, 2016, 12:46 pm

    In present scenario, the security of airports is of utmost importance. This article provides the best ways to enhance and maintain the airport security at the time of reconstructions.

  • April Cook July 1, 2016, 10:15 am

    I thought it was really interesting that he mentioned securing the technology that is used on a construction site. A lot of time we just think of security as physically securing an area, so this was a good reminder. When I worked at an airport we were trained that safety and security was everyone’s job, so maybe this would be a good thing to teach contract workers. Is there any special training that they must go through before they can work within restricted areas at an airport? Thanks for this information!


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