Introducing Skanska Power Week

This week on the blog, social media and in person at the Power-Gen International conference in Orlando, we’ll be discussing the latest trends in energy and power. As a nation, we have seen tremendous changes in the way we consume energy and power our homes and workplaces. On the consumption side of the equation, we have done a good job at reducing how much power we use, but we need to continue to innovate and find the most energy-efficient processes and products available. On the energy production front, America is now poised to become an exporter of oil and natural gas in the next decade. Domestic energy production holds great promise for the construction industry. The market is growing, from the need for new cleaner gas-fired plants, to retrofits, run of river hydroelectric, and new combined cycle natural gas plants.

At Skanska, we’re excited to participate in this changing energy landscape. From implementing energy-efficient practices on our projects and in our offices to building new, higher-performing power plants, we’re investing in the future of power and energy in the U.S. Follow #SkanskaPowerWeek on the blog, on Twitter (@SkanskaUSA) and Facebook, or visit us at Booth #4679 at Power-Gen to learn more.


Richard Cavallaro

Richard Cavallaro

President and CEO, Skanska USA

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  • Noel Morrin November 13, 2013, 3:59 pm

    Nice work Rich


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