Mentors Teach Valuable Lessons – and Learn Something, Too

Mentors can change people’s lives.

In addition to sharing invaluable insight learned through personal experience, a mentor can provide support and encouragement along an employee’s career path that can drive them toward greater success and achievement.

At Skanska, we seek to develop our employees through strategic pairings, based on goals and areas of expertise. The Metro NY chapter of the Skanska Women’s Network recently completed its latest 6-month Mentorship Program with 21 pairs of mentors/mentees across multiple parts of our business.

Constructive Thinking spoke with three recent program participants who describe how being part of a mentor/mentee relationship has changed their outlook on their careers.

Matheus de Lima, mentee
Accountant – Parsippany, NJ

2016-06-02 PHOTO-Matheus DeLima

“I believe that everyone needs a mentor. After the SWN Mentorship Program, I realized how important it is to share ideas with someone who has a different perspective and more experience than I have. My mentor has taught me how to deal with specific situations and especially how to be more patient – a trait that can often be in short supply and can negatively impact one’s career path. With a mentor, you have someone to share all your career expectations, desires, frustrations and they help put things in perspective so that you may see things you normally do not see. I would encourage everyone to find a mentor, in any area. It’s always easier to run a race when you have someone who already ran the race willing to walk with you.”


Jessica Miller, mentor
Project Manager on the Kosciuszko Bridge project – Queens, NY

2016-06-02 PHOTO-Jessica Miller

“Looking back on my career, I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best mentors at Skanska, from when I joined the company in 2003 until today.  I have learned so much from these folks – some of whom are now the executive leaders of our company.  My mentors have inspired and guided me along my career, providing support, networking, technical advice, and friendship.  Having gained that experience from my own mentors, I wanted to pass along that same experience to someone else!  Additionally, as a woman in (the male-dominated world of) construction, I was excited about the chance to share lessons I had learned over the past 13 years and to offer a female voice and perspective on career development. My mentee and I were a great match from day one.  Coming from two different business units provided a perfect opportunity for us to explore how the various parts of Skanska operate.  Our formal relationship grew over the program as we reviewed architectural and design documentaries, shared ideas over dinner and toured job sites in the rain.  It was a fulfilling six months exploring Skanska and our career development.  We are excited to keep the mentor/mentee relationship going!”


Jillian Condiracci, mentee
Field Engineer at the Bayonne Bridge project – Bayonne, NJ

2016-06-02 PHOTO-Jillian Condiracci

“I have had many mentors over my career.  Being a good mentor takes patience, time and effort. My mentor, Paul Pedini, took the time to always fit me into his schedule – even when he was booked solid. One of my fondest memories was a visit to the First Street Tunnel in Washington D.C. To anyone else, this trip could have just been another job site visit, but to me it was much more. Not only did I take technical experience from this trip, I also was able to meet one of my Skanska idols, Gary Almeraris. Being able to witness this “tunneling guru” in action was a moment that not even my Instagram could capture. Six months later, Gary visited my current job site at Bayonne Bridge and I was able to return the favor and give him a tour my current operation. The first time I met him I was 100 feet underground and now six months later I was standing next to him 200 feet in the air. Reflecting back on those short six months, not only was I standing taller but my confidence in myself and my ability grew as well.”

To learn more about the Skanska Women’s Network, please visit”

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