Safety Week ends soon, but working safely never ends

Safety Week draws to a close tomorrow, and while this special week is so valuable in raising awareness of safety’s importance, Safety Week is not a time to be extra safe – every day is a day to be extra safe. Here we share how some of Skanska’s colleagues have pledged to continue their safety journeys throughout this year:

“When I walk through a project, every worker knows that I’m watching them work. If they have a messy work site or are doing an unsafe act and I don’t react, I’m clearly telling them their unsafe behavior is acceptable. My silence is a deafening loud consent. I pledge to not walk by an unsafe situation. I pledge to stop and correct the actions and make sure each and every worker understands the importance of working safely. I pledge to take the time.”

–          Mark Leintz, vice president of operations, Riverside, Calif.

“I pledge to thoroughly consider safety when preparing budgets and estimates for our future projects, so that our Operations teams will have the resources they need to have safe jobsites.”

–          Clinton Aldridge, senior estimator, Atlanta

“I pledge to bring a Skanska Young Professional along on all of my future Executive Site Safety Visit walks. I will engage with that person to make sure they understand the importance of safety on our workplace, and will teach him or her about the EHS tools we have at our disposal.”

–          Sean Szatkowski, vice president of operations, Metro New York


The team stretches and flexes at the Novartis Cambridge Campus Expansion.

Language barriers are one of the three key challenges to promoting IFE, so I pledge to continue delivering Skanska’s safety message – in Spanish – to our Spanish-speaking workforce.”

–          Rachel Rockett, project engineer, Raleigh, N.C.

“Regardless of time and place, I will have the personal courage to speak up when I observe someone putting themselves or others at risk.”

–          Terry Bendrick, development director, Seattle

“My safety pledge for 2014 is to rediscover the core value in safety each and every day. To help me do this, I plan to collaborate on a deeper level with my colleagues, not only to find inspiration for living out the demands of our safety principles, but also so that I can respond more concretely to helping others understand the benefits of building a robust safety culture. Time given to safety is never time lost, but is rather time gained. I believe that a full and genuine commitment to safety must involve everyone around us. If we are all-in with our safety commitment, our relationships, our work and our lives will be more fulfilling.”

–          Denny Quinn, executive vice president, Evansville, Ind.


At West Memorial Place in Houston, safety preparations begin bright and early.

“Each day, I will remember that every worker on our project sites is someone’s brother, sister, father, mother, niece, nephew or cousin, and so I will make sure our teams create an IFE culture on our projects such that if my family member was working on that site, I would be fully confident in their safety.”

–          Andy Allen, project director, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“I pledge to use a hands-free device if I must make calls while driving, and I pledge to not check my phone – even if at a stop light.”

–          Annie Kraft, project analyst, Alexandria, Va.

“How often do we see a worker without gloves or safety glasses and while we should mention to them to correct that, we move along because it’s not a big issue. We see the big issues as things like fall hazards, trench safety and impalements – until someone loses an eye because they weren’t wearing safety glasses. Going forward, I will consider each and every safety issue to be a big issue.”

–          Robert Rush, superintendent, Raleigh, N.C.

86thstreet cavern

Safety underground: a Project Executive addresses the craft team at 86th Street Station Cavern 2nd Ave. Subway Project in New York.

“I will thank one person each day for choosing to work safely.”

–          Hector Sanchez, field engineer, San Antonio

“We all need to take ownership of safety, not only on the job but in our lives. This year, I have committed to the following safety vision: be visible, work the same way at home as I do at work, and never walk by an unsafe act. By being visible, workers can see that I am engaged in more than just talking about the safety program. By taking safety home with me, I am committing to changing my behavior in all that I do. By never walking past an unsafe act, I am committing to engaging and holding myself personally responsible for changing behavior and preventing accidents. What we do and how we act does make a difference. I choose to save a life.”

–        Todd Sutton, senior vice president of operations, Riverside, California

“I will continue each day to be responsible for the men and women on my work site to the degree that I care for my sons and daughter. I will continue to see each person who enters our work environment as a precious individual whom must not be put at risk. I will continue to spread this culture each day by training our trade partners, setting a good example and learning from near misses.”

–          David Luffel, superintendent, Atlanta

“I pledge to stop and talk about safety with at least one tradesperson every time I enter the construction site.”

–          Dan Kolakowski, senior vice president, Metro New York

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