What is it like to intern for Skanska?

With summer winding down, that means our interns are heading back to their universities, with many hopefully to return as full-time Skanska employees. They’re leaving having made valuable contributions to the Skanska projects and offices at which they were based, and with a stronger commitment to and a better understanding of the construction industry than they had before.

We asked some of our interns to reflect on their summer experiences. Over the next week we’ll be sharing their stories. Stay tuned!

Sam Santos

Sam Santos, USA Building – Seattle (rising senior studying architectural studies and construction management at the University of Washington)

What was the most beneficial aspect of your Skanska internship? My transition from preconstruction to construction. In precon, I learned how to properly analyze drawings and specifications on a variety of projects. The design development drawings of 400 Fairview (a USA Commercial Development project) were actually one of the first sets of drawings I estimated different parts of in 2012, when I began interning with Skanska. Now that I’m working as a project engineer intern, I am able to see the project at another perspective, adding a second layer to my understanding of the project.

How do you view the construction industry after seeing it firsthand this summer? Did your experience change your thinking in any way? My whole experience here at Skanska has been nothing but amazing. It’s been more than helpful attending school and working at the same time to be able to exercise and implement the tools I’m given in school. When I first began, I was coming from more of an architectural background and perspective. As I continue in my studies and internship, I now am able to see projects from both the construction and architecture standpoints – that has increased my appreciation for the built environment. I had an idealized vision of what construction and design entailed, but I never realized the true complexity of the process to get an idea into reality. This is definitely an industry of which I am proud to be a part.

What are your future career plans? After graduation, I hope to continue working on 400 Fairview and see it to the end of construction. After that, I hope to be part of projects that are heavily design-build in order to work even closer with all design and construction team members to maximize the project potential.

Skanska USA

Skanska USA

Skanska USA is one of the largest, most financially sound construction and development companies in the U.S., serving a broad range of clients in the public and private sectors, including those in transportation, power, industrial, water/wastewater, healthcare, life science, education, sports & entertainment, data centers, government, aviation and commercial industries.

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