With A Labor Shortage, Construction And Development Industry Should Look To Military Veterans

The nation’s deteriorating infrastructure has made headlines throughout the year, with the potential for a tremendous amount of work for construction and development companies. However, a shortage of skilled labor in the industry creates staffing challenges for these badly needed projects. But, there could be an untapped labor force staring the industry in the face: military veterans.

Each year, approximately 200,000 military personnel transition into the civilian workforce and the veteran population is expected to increase 46% from 2014 levels by 2019. These individuals have ingrained in them skillsets that can seamlessly transfer over to the jobsite. Particularly the high focus on teamwork and safety, which is critical for success and longevity. At Skanska, military veterans have greatly contributed to the successes we have had as a company. In fact, this year we launched a military recruitment campaign to bring in top talent form this labor pool.

There are several qualities in veterans that transfer over well to the construction and development industry:

Work well in a team: Veterans are trained to look out for the safety of others, and they work relentlessly toward goals as a team.

Have a heightened sense of duty: Veterans understand that the whole is only as strong as its individual parts and strive to do their best for the country and fellow men and women in arms.

Organized and self-disciplined: From day one, veterans are taught how to maintain order and a physical space that results in a keen attention to detail.

Specialized skill development: Veterans often acquire advanced skills with computers, software and technology, heavy equipment, and tools that are common to many construction and development jobs.

Great problem solvers: While in the field, veterans are constantly challenged to come up with creative and sometimes crucial solutions to seemingly difficult problems

Veterans want jobs and the industry needs talented people to join the field on the jobsites and in the offices.  Why not tap into this labor pool, rich with these leadership skills, and teach them the trade? While serving our country, these individuals developed skills and habits that make them strong assets to our workforce.

We salute you

In light of Veteran’s Day, we extend a special thank you to all of our current and previous military personnel who have served and sacrificed for our country. We recognize the work and commitment of these individuals and their families while honoring and respecting all that they do to afford us the freedoms we have today.

To learn more about veterans working at Skanska, visit www.usa.skanska.com/veterans or click here.

For more information on veteran training programs:

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs – Education | 888-GIBILL-1

North Bennett Street School | admissions@nbss.edu | 617-227-0155

Helmets to Hardhats | 866-741-6210

Tony DeStefano

Tony DeStefano

Vice President, Human Resources, Skanska USA and former Captain in the United States Army

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